Auf Wiedersehen, London


After months of planning, cleaning, organizing and packing away our furniture and other belongings into storage, we finally handed over our London house keys to our new tenants over the Easter long weekend. Many months ago, when we first decided to move to Switzerland, the thought of a stranger living in the house that we spent years creating into a home, made me feel extremely anxious and sad. My husband purchased the property over twelve years ago and I had called it home for over three years. Most of the renovations and decorating occurred after I moved in. It was the first place that I was able to completely design according to my taste after years of living in rented accommodation.

In the end, though, I didn’t feel that sad letting the house go. Our new tenants aren’t actually strangers at all, but our next door neighbours’ daughter, her boyfriend and their 3 year old daughter. From first impressions, it looks like they will be good, responsible tenants (fingers and toes crossed).  This, along with all the elbow grease that went into getting the house prepared for renting, took away most of my anxiety about letting the house go. In the end, I was relieved to be done with it.

However, one thing is for sure, I will miss our beautiful bedroom.



xx BHF




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