Beer Bottle Vase DIY – Take 2!

bearvaseAfter yesterday’s post regarding toilet matters, I figured I should balance it out with something pretty and girly and unfortunately far less humorous for today. So this post will include lots of photos of gorgeous Spring flowers (and will contain nothing about p**p).

I didn’t write about this in my entry yesterday, but when Martin and I visited the DIY/garden/craft store for our unclogging supplies, I was totally distracted by all the other cool things. After getting over the shock that there had been a DIY/garden/craft store right under my nose for the past three months, I quickly got to work making a mental list of all the things we NEEDED: a new shower curtain! A new shower head! A new doormat! A new toilet brush! A new rubbish bin! A mini barbeque! Craft paper! SPARKLE PAINT!

Martin quickly dashed my dreams by reminding me about the ridiculous plumbing bill that would probably be coming our way, so we left the store with only our toilet unblocking supplies. But, like the sneaky Hausfrau I am, I went back to the store the next day while Martin was at work and purchased some gold paint and a sponge paint brush. It wasn’t really my fault. I walked past a guy selling purple lilacs in the flower market and the bright purple flowers screamed at me to paint some beer bottles gold.

I’m kind of weird and obsessive when it comes to certain things and painting beer bottles will probably be my go-to craft thing for the next 2o years.  I recycled two of my previously spray painted bottles as well as a new one supplied by Martin. Painting the bottles was a more enjoyable experience than spray painting. I was able to paint them inside the apartment, which meant I could watch my Real Housewives of New Jersey at the same time. It was a good day. It took three coats of paint to create the final effect below. Like with spray painting, you need to wait for each layer to dry before starting a new one.

I didn’t want to buy the lilacs until the bottles were ready, but when I went back to the market a couple days later, the lilacs were looking a little bit droopy and paying 12 CHF for droopy lilacs just didn’t fly with me, so I bought some red ranunculus instead. For the record, our apartment building is surrounded by no less than five lilac trees, but I didn’t have it in me to knick some branches. How annoying would that be if you had a lilac tree and someone kept stealing your flowers?! I did find some perky lilacs at the market a week later (I paid 7 CHF for three branches). I’ve included some photos of those as well since they were the inspiration for painting the bottles gold in the first place.





xx BHF

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