A Day in Switzerland: Lauterbrunnen


A few months before moving to Switzerland, one of my friends on Facebook posted this article with photos of “31 places everyone should see”. I was pretty excited that four of these beautiful places were located Switzerland. Out of the four Swiss locations, Lauterbrunnen was the one I was most excited to visit. The photo in the article showed a magical village nestled in a mountain valley with a cliff top waterfall seemingly falling right in the centre of it. On the 4th February, I caught the 12:34 train from Bern Bahnhof. I connected with the Lauterbrunnen train via Interlaken Ost and, 2 hours after beginning my journey, I was in this magical land.

Even though the Staubbach Falls were mostly frozen over, it was nonetheless a breathtaking site. Every so often, a cracking sound would echo through the valley, followed by the sound of ice shattering against the rocks.

During my journey back to Bern, I vowed to go back with Martin in the summer months to view to the Falls in their full glory.







xx BHF

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