Back to School!

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On Monday I’m starting a month-long, intensive, full-immersion, beginner’s German course. Phew…did you get all that? “Intensive” means that it’s 5 days a week. “Full-immersion” means that there will be no sprechen-ing of English at all. Es ist verboten! “Beginner” means that I basically have four German words in my vocabulary and two of them I pronounce SO INCORRECTLY that they probably don’t even count. Oh, and the class starts at 8:00AM. Just to give some perspective on this, it’s 9:30AM now and I’m still in my PJs, my hair is a big ol’ mess and I’ve not eaten breakfast or even had a cup of coffee yet. Basically, the only thing I’ve done so far is my morning pee. And that’s more of a necessity than a productive activity.

I’m feeling the same way about this that I used to feel about summer basketball camp. My dad used to enrol me in basketball camp every summer from grade 7 through to grade 10 and it would totally cramp my I’m on summer break and will wake up when I want(!) plans. For two weeks, I had to get out of bed at 7AM and spend the day running around a basketball court with people that I did not know because none of my friends were in the same camp.  I was also, and still am, 5’3″ so it wasn’t like a career in basketball was being nurtured – let’s be real. I’m pretty sure it was just an excuse to make me get my lazy butt out of bed before 10AM at least for a couple weeks over summer break.

As much as I was annoyed about the early starts and terrified about not knowing anyone, after a couple days I actually enjoyed the change  and physical activity and usually made a few friends as well. Plus, we ended each day with a game of “Bump” (wikiHow can explain), which is like the most fun game EVER and I was actually pretty good at it, even when we played against the boys.

My fingers are crossed that the German course will go the same way, I’ll enjoy the change and mental stimulation and hopefully make a couple friends as well. I’m still working on how I can incorporate a game of bump at the end of each day though.


9 thoughts on “Back to School!

  1. Good luck! I was overwhelmed with going back to school and having HOMEWORK! at this stage of my life! (still am) 🙂 But I really appreciate the whole having something productive to do every day thing.

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