Ice cream float

Icecreamfloat1Before now, the last time I had an ice cream float I was 16 and on a double date with one of my very close friends (she married her date 10 years later, mine broke up with me 1 month later after cheating on me – ahhh high school). We went to the local A&W and sat in a booth. I had the root beer float in a chilled glass mug.

When I think of ice cream floats, though, I don’t think about that date. I remember my (Great) Auntie Rosie, my Nonna’s sister. She lived in the same town where I grew up. From time to time, my mom would drive me and my sisters to visit Auntie Rosie at her apartment in South Sahali. When we arrived it was always the same: hugs and kisses and then, “would you like an ice cream float?”. And, of course, we always did. We grew up in a house where water (tap water at that!) and milk were our beverage options. So, yes, we always wanted an ice cream float. The combination of ice cream and soda was so sinfully delicious. We enjoyed every sip and spoonful while the grown ups chatted about grown up stuff.

Sadly, my Auntie Rosie has been gone for many years, but this delicious drink will always, always, always make me think of her. So cheers to her and cheers to fond childhood memories!


To make your own ice cream float, just add soda to a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream (careful! It foams up quickly when you add the soda). I chose root beer, but cola, orange and cream soda are also good options.

I found the tall glasses, spoons, straws and doilies at a small boutique in Bern. The straws and doilies (and all sorts of other pretty party supplies) can be found online at:


xx BHF

6 thoughts on “Ice cream float

  1. You know what Bri – I need the self same rep that your lovely Auntie Rosie had – even if it is just with my friends… …for now. I’m going to go shopping, and I will make sure I ALWAYS have ingredients and cups for floats in.

Thank you for your feedback! xx BHF

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