Hatha Yoga: my favourite free YouTube class

yogaSwitzerland is a land full of lovely cheeses, chocolates and pastries, all of which I enjoy indulging in enthusiastically (when in Rome and all that!). Unfortunately this means that the number on my scale has gone up by one, or two or…ahem, FIVE(!) lbs since I moved here. I have a tendency to panic when my weight increases and restrict calories and go on ridiculously long power walks, but as quickly as I do this, I lose interest and motivation, and the next thing I know I’m stuffing my face with slices of Emmental cheese and sugar coated Berliners.

Yoga is a great way to slowly get your body into shape and ready for more arduous physical activities. It forces you to be aware of your body and its capabilities and limitations. The last time I’d stepped into a yoga class was more than two years ago, so my strength and flexibility was limited. I went onto YouTube for some free classes to follow and almost all of them I found very frustrating and far too advanced. I’d get through about twenty minutes of the class and then the “yogi” would pull out some crazy, balance your entire body weight on your pinky toe, position and I’d be like, “nuh uh! This chick be CRAZY!” and stop the video. That was, until I found this 55 minute hatha flow yoga class.

The yogi, Diane, has a very soothing voice and the class flows very well. I was able to perform all of the poses (some modified) and after a week of doing the class each day, I definitely noticed an improvement in my strength and flexibility. Being able to follow the class in the privacy of my own home is also very comforting. You don’t have to compete with the Lululemon bunny next to you and, if THIS* happens, you can laugh out loud at yourself, instead of being silently mortified.

xx BHF

* my blog from my first couple of years in London


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