Fit Friday: Ich bin ein Berliner

BerlinerOkay. I’m not quite a jelly donut at this point, but if I keep treating myself to one on my train rides, I soon will be. I mentioned in an earlier post that’s I’ve gained some extra baggage since moving to Switzerland. It’s not a lot, but it’s been bothering me these last couple of months, especially with the start of summer dress and flirty skirt season.

I’ve decided to start making some small changes and thought it would be interesting to let you know how this process goes. Ideally, I would like to lose 10 lbs, but I would be happy to be back at 125…a fit 125lbs. My weight has fluctuated a little over the past 10 years. Nothing too drastic. The biggest number I’ve seen on the scale was 142 lbs, this was in 2006, and the lowest number I’ve recorded was 118 lbs, this was when I was on the Dukan Diet last year.

I’m not going to rush this process. It’s nice to see quick results, but if there’s one thing I learned last year on the Dukan Diet, it’s that quick results don’t last. Also, I turn into a nasty beast when I restrict certain foods.

Here are my first three (small) changes:

1. Reduce the “Holiday Extras” – The thing about moving to a new country and not working, is that it kind of feels like I’m on a constant holiday and with that, I’ve started to eat like I’m holiday. This means that I’ve been eating way too many treats and starchy foods. Going forward, I’m will try to avoid these extras. No more jelly donuts, sugary coffees, gelato and trips to the bakery for bread.

2. Drink more water – I have always had a hard time with this, but I know it’s key to losing weight safely. The goal will be to drink 8+ glasses each day.

3. Move more – I’m not going to rush to the gym at this point. The goal is to move every day, whether it’s a walk into town, a yoga video on YouTube or just taking the stairs instead of the elevator at the apartment.

I won’t be able to give you proper updates without getting a little personal. Here it goes.

Current Stats as of 06/06/2014:

  • Measurements: Bust – 34″ / Waist – 27″ / Hips – 41″ < these hips don’t lie!
  • Weight: 132.4 lbs / 60 kg
  • Height: 5’3″ / 160 cm
  • BMI: 23.4 (healthy)

Body image is such a personal thing. When I look in the mirror, I’m not horrified. I do like what I see, but I know it could be better. My first goal is to get back into the 120’s. I’m hoping to update you on a weekly basis on how these small changes are making a difference…or not! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

xx BHF

7 thoughts on “Fit Friday: Ich bin ein Berliner

  1. I’m with you! I have gained way too much since moving to Germany. I have this desire to try everything I see, but the results aren’t just a yummy experience–it’s a tummy that makes my pants too tight!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one! I used to be so good most of the time before moving here, but like you said there are so many yummy things to try…over and over again 🙂

  2. I´m there with you too! I´m down 4 lbs, give or take- I´m aiming for 10 more, to get back to my ideal weight. It´s the beer for me, especially in the warm weather. NOTHING better than a cold beer on a hot day. Urrgh.

    • Good job on the 4lbs! I can resist the beer and wine if I need to, but I do know what you mean about a cold beer on a hot day. My husband is like you and would have a hard time giving it up though. Another reason why I wanted to make these changes is that my husband complained a couple weeks ago about his belly. He eats what I eat and works out almost every day, but he won’t give up the beer. Good luck with last 10 lbs! They always seem to be the hardest!

  3. What a great post! I did okay the first few years but in the past year the weight is creeping on, it’s summer and it’s time for it to take off 🙂 I love Krapfen, luckily they are not available at all the bakeries here all year. In the summer it’s the Radler that’s so tempting and then there’s all the cheese. Looking forward to your progress.

    • Thank you, Foodessen! I definitely know what you mean by all the cheese! Hopefully I’ll have some success with these changes. I passed by a gelato shop during my walk into town and resisted going in, but it was difficult. 😛

      • That is so tough in the summer passing all the ice cream shops! Good for you on passing 🙂

Thank you for your feedback! xx BHF

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