Sun Bern


This long weekend it was hot. Like, break out the kiddie pool, open all the windows, eat ten popsicles, swim in the river, sweat even when you’re sitting in the shade kind of hot. We took advantage of the hot weather and spent most of our time outside, walking everywhere, throwing a disc around, drinking cold beer and Rivella and swimming in the river with the rest of Bern.

On Saturday we had a picnic near the river. We tossed a disc around and then walked to the Dählhölzli Zoo, and spent the rest of the afternoon looking at birds and bunnies, seals and fish and big cats and bears.

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On Sunday, we walked to the Rosengarten. It was too hot to do anything other than lie down on our blanket in the shade. Later that afternoon, we walked down to the Tramdepot  and enjoyed a couple of cold beers on their patio. And of course, we had to say hello to the bears while we were there. They thought it was too hot to do anything other than sleep as well.

008 011






On Monday, I declared that it was time for us to try swimming in the river. We saw lots of people doing it over the weekend and it looked like a great way to get some relief from the heat. Apparently, all of Bern thought this too. When we made our way down to the park, it was so packed that it took us a while to find a free patch of grass to put down our towels.

We followed the crowd down a bike path along the river until we reached a foot bridge. Some people kept walking further down, but  many were jumping off the bridge. We decided to pretend we were 16 again and jump off the bridge  Martin was concerned about the depth of the river and hitting the rocks below. I assured him that it would be fine. Well, it was fine for me, but Martin did hit the bottom. Luckily, it wasn’t with any real force and he was fine. The first rush of cold as we hit the water was breathtaking, but it didn’t take long to get used to the temperature. The river flowed very quickly and we were back to where we started in a few minutes.


It was an awesome weekend and hopefully it won’t be the last time we get to swim in the river.

xx BHF

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