Flashback: “The First Step” – April 2013

I wrote this entry for Parva Pirum on the 24th April 2013. Since I don’t have a job, and therefore my own income,  my shopping addiction has for the most part been quashed.  It does rear it’s ugly head every once in a while though…

xx BHF


The First Step

Like the old saying goes, “the first step to overcoming an addiction is admitting that you have a problem”. So here it goes, my name is Bryanna and I’m a shopaholic. It’s been 2 days since my last transgression. In fact, I’m wearing one of the 2 items I purchased from Zara right now (a lovely light blue striped shirt from their classic collection). I also bought a black and white horizontal, wide striped skirt…which I wore yesterday. But I digress…

I’ve not always had this “problem”. In fact, when I first arrived in London almost 4 years ago, I came with only £2,000 to my name. £2,000 which needed to see me through 2 years of my working holiday visa. Luckily, I was able to get temporary work, but it didn’t afford me enough money left over to splurge on unnecessary clothing items. I was staying in a tiny, closet bedroom in Shepherd’s Bush, which cost me upwards of £600 a month for the privilege of the few square feet I could call my own.  In fact, for the first 2 months after I arrived in London, the only item of clothing I purchased was a cheap, grey skirt suit from H&M for £65. It saw me through many temping positions and was the item of clothing I wore when I first met my husband. I no longer wear it, but it is one of a few sentimental items that would pain me to get rid of.

 After months of temping, working long hours and getting paid less than a living wage, I finally got my break. Over two years ago I began my current role, one that provides me with a considerable disposable income. This, combined with the fact that my office is located near Oxford Street; just seconds from Selfridges and all the high street shops (including the largest Zara in all of Europe!), means that I have quickly developed a shopping habit. Here’s the issue, I like to take my lunch break outside of the office. Unfortunately there are only a handful of weeks in the year that London experiences weather that would allow me to spend my lunch hour sitting in the park (Grosvenor Square to be precise). That leaves me with two options: 1. Suffer through the weather 2. Find shelter. So an innocent pop out to get lunch, can quickly become a £150 shopping adventure. It’s become so bad that some weeks, I hide my purchases from my workmates because I am that ashamed.

 I went on a shopping diet over January, and I fear I need to go on one again for May. I’m an all or nothing kind of gal. So…as soon as I receive my online order of fashion tights and summer stockings, it’s on!

 I’m hoping that by writing here, the urge to spend will decrease. And we are transitioning from colder weather to sping-like weather here, so that means wardrobe rotation!

 Fingers crossed…

Thank you for your feedback! xx BHF

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