A day in Switzerland: Fribourg/Freiburg


I’m baaaaaaack! Technically, I arrived back on Monday evening, but I spent all of Tuesday and some of yesterday cleaning, unpacking and doing laundry. Some women would arrive home to a fresh bouquet of flowers after being away from their husbands for a week…I arrived home to a vase of dead roses, which had been there since before we left for London (10 days earlier). My husband wasn’t aware that he was meant to throw them away. He’s lucky I missed him.

It was a nice holiday away from my usual holiday. I did lots of shopping (on my last try, I got my PIN right! Heck yes! ), met up with my old workmates, and spent lots of quality time with my sister, Alayne, and my adorable, and so very TWO now, niece. She’s so clever and strong willed. It’s amazing to see how much she’s changed, even in a couple months. I posted a few photos on Instagram, while I was there. I lived in London for almost five years, so didn’t really feel the same touristy need to take photos of everything.

Yesterday I was feeling a little stir crazy after spending all of Tuesday in the apartment, so I decided to go to Fribourg (or Freiburg) for the afternoon. It’s only 20 minutes away from Bern via train and is a lovely old city. It is located on the language border between French and German, but the majority of the population speaks French as their first language. Even though it’s only a short distance from Bern, it feels like you’re in an entirely different country. It’s a charming city, with lots of old architecture and culture. I definitely recommend stopping for a quick stay on your way through to Lausanne or Geneva.

xx BHF

fribourg 013

fribourg 014

fribourg 028

fribourg 034

fribourg 041

fribourg 043

9 thoughts on “A day in Switzerland: Fribourg/Freiburg

  1. Hi Bryanna, Have you been to Freiburg i Breisgau in Germany ? That is a wonderful town . I know it’s not on your rail pass but it’s close to Basel . Also if you go into France , near Freiburg , you should go to Colmar and Keyerberg . They are awesome. I used to live near Colmar in a tiny town called Rouffach and my cousins live in Freiburg . I have been going to Freiburg for 40 years in the summers . I envy you to be travelling and exploring , such a wonderful part . Happy travelling and love your writing !
    cheers form sunny Vancouver Island . :))

      • Hey Pauline! Vancouver Island is one of my favourite places in Canada, so I’m definitely jealous you get to live there. I’ve heard great things about Freiburg in Germany from a few people so it’s definitely on my list of places to visit. Do you have your next trip there planned? I am very lucky and fortunate to have this opportunity to take a break from work and travel around. Today I’m planning to go to Grindelwald to see what it’s like in the summer. Enjoy the sunny weather on the island! xx

Thank you for your feedback! xx BHF

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