Fit Friday: Update (week 3)


You guys, I’m going to be totally real with you here and tell you that this whole fitness/healthy eating thing is not going particularly well. It’s not going horribly, but I was hoping to report more changes this week. I have maintained the minuscule changes from two weeks ago, though. I know that I should be happy with this. I was on holiday for 10 days and ate out for many of my meals. I’ve had gelato, and beer, and a big curry dinner this week, so it’s not like I’ve been working particularly hard at this.

I’ve been resisting making any drastic changes as I don’t believe they are sustainable (like the time when I did the Dukan Diet). It is tempting, as I generally see good results. Fast results! But just as fast as the weight melts off, it’s back on again. I love carbs. Not eating them for a couple months turned me into a crazy, mean bitch. For the sake of my marriage and sanity, I have vowed to never follow Dukan again.

I have been watching Freelee the Banana Girl’s videos on YouTube and even though I don’t agree with all of her messages (some of them I strongly disagree with), I do find her lifestyle intriguing.  She’s vegan and eats a high carb diet (mainly from fresh, organic fruit). As much as I would love to have her toned, little body, I don’t think this diet would work long term for me. And Martin would never give up his meat. He complains if I cook one veggie dinner a week!

Yesterday I was all ready to go in my running gear, my iPod shuffle was charged, I had my new baseball hat on, but I just couldn’t force myself out the front door. I didn’t feel comfortable and felt awkward in my tight Lululemon pants. The longer I faffed around the apartment, the harder it was to step out the front door. In the end, I didn’t go for the run, but I did force myself to do an hour long YouTube yoga session (in the privacy and comfort of my apartment). So it wasn’t a complete fitness fail.

So, what do I do now?

I think the biggest thing I need to do is manage my expectations and celebrate the small changes that I’m seeing. I also need to increase my daily fitness and try to make healthier choices during the day (like choosing yummy fruit instead of my two scoops of gelato that I had this week).

I have considered ending this series, but it is a good motivator knowing that I have to reveal my weight and measurements each week. Hopefully, if I remain consistent, I will eventually see more results.

{updates on my stats after the jump}


Not very exciting, I’m afraid…

Current Stats as of 27/06/2014:

  • Measurements: Bust – 34″ (no change) / Waist – 26.5″ (no change) / Hips – 40.5″ (no change)
  • Weight: 132.4 lbs / 60 kg (no change)
  • Height: 5’3″ / 160 cm
  • BMI: 23.4 (healthy) (no change)

6 thoughts on “Fit Friday: Update (week 3)

  1. Hang in there and you will see a change, just keep taking small steps in the right direction! And no change is better than increase 🙂

    • Thanks, Connie! I’m trying to be a little more realistic with my expectations. I do feel better when I’m eating healthy and being active, which is a good reason to keep going. Hopefully it will translate to some weight loss eventually as well 🙂

  2. I think we all get unmotivated at some points. Maybe try switching up your routines and doing more “fun” workouts to help get you motivated again!

    • Thanks for stopping by and the good tip, Cassy! I’m trying to incorporate different activities into my daily routine. Yesterday, I did a little hike up a waterfall in Lauterbrunnen, but the views were so pretty I didn’t realise I was working so hard. I may also start going to my husband’s gym at work more as it’s generally empty, so there’s really no reason to be self-conscious.

  3. I’m struggling a bit too. Working out has been easy, the food/beer? Not so much. I hear ya about running too. I put on my running shorts and decided I should not wear them public. And……Don’t end the series!

    • Yeah, I think I need to get more flattering work out gear! I also took some “before” photos in the event that I do lose some weight…and they were pretty horrible (which also did not motivate me to go for a run, oddly enough). It’s soooo difficult in the summer to avoid the beer, it’s not quite the same drinking water or diet cokes on a restaurant patio 😛 Don’t worry, I’m not going to end the series any time soon 🙂

Thank you for your feedback! xx BHF

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