Fit Friday: Update (week 4)

Grindelwald 129Yesterday I took my hiking boots out of storage and made the journey up to Grindelwald. The forecast had yesterday as the only nice, sunny day for the rest of the week and I wanted to take advantage of the good weather. I’ve been to Grindelwald on four separate skiing holidays and it was amazing to see the familiar landscape transformed with the layers of snow melted away.

I will be featuring my hike through the Jungfrau Region next Thursday, so I won’t get into the details of it today. I took over 150 photographs!  It’s going to be a tough job whittling them down to 8 to 10 images.

Here’s a sneak peak of what to expect…

Grindelwald 107

When I first moved to Switzerland, this is what I imagined my days would be like; hiking up green mountains, going for long walks and taking many photographs. I imagined that I would be in great shape from all of this exercise. In reality, I quickly gained 5 lbs and let my body deteriorate.

I’m slowly starting to get my body back into shape. Slowly being the key word here. It has been a lot more difficult than I initially expected, but I’m starting to appreciate my body for what it is and what it allows me to do. Yesterday, it led me up a mountain and down again. It allowed me to see some of the most amazing views I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime. For this, I am so thankful. I may still be carrying around more weight than I’m used to, but my body is getting stronger and it’s the only one I’ve got.

I’ve seen some small progress this week. The plan for next week is to dramatically increase my exercise. I am feeling a lot more energetic lately and want to take advantage of this new energy.

My first goal was to get back into the 120’s. I’m still not there, but I’m inching my closer. One step at a time…

xx BHF

{updates on my stats after the jump}


Current Stats as of 04/07/2014:

  • Measurements: Bust – 34″ (no change) / Waist – 26″ (down 0.5″) / Hips – 40.5″ (no change)
  • Weight: 131.4 lbs / 60 kg (down 1.0 lbs)
  • Height: 5’3″ / 160 cm
  • BMI: 23.3 (healthy) (down 0.1)

2 thoughts on “Fit Friday: Update (week 4)

  1. First of all great pic from your walk! Walking is such an amazing tool for weight loss. It was one thing I did every day when I was on my weight loss journey. Only wish I had scenery like yours on my walks!

Thank you for your feedback! xx BHF

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