A Day in Switzerland: Jungfrau Region (PART 1: First – Bachalpsee)

grindelwald 038

This “Day in Switzerland” post is a couple days early because I decided to split the photos from my hike last Thursday into two parts. I did the First – Bachalpsee – Waldspitz – Bort hike which takes approximately 2.5 hours (or 3 hours if you’re like me and stop every 10 minutes to take photos).

The top of First is reached via gondola in Grindelwald. My GA travel card got me all the way to Grindelwald with no extra charge, but I did have to pay half price fare for the 1-way gondola ride up to First (~ 15 CHF).  As I mentioned in my Fit Friday post last week, it was the first time I’d been back to Grindelwald in the summer months and I was blown away by the views, wild flowers and many streams and waterfalls (hence, the 150 photos!).

It takes around 50 minutes up a fairly easy hiking trail to reach the Buchalpsee lake. It’s the same route you take to reach the Faulhorn sledge run, which I’ve done on two previous occasions. It was a lot easier this time, not having to drag my sledge behind me…the descent wasn’t quite as  fun though.

On a clear, sunny day the reflections of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau can be seen on the blue, still surface of the Buchalpsee lake. I was lucky enough to witness this myself.

On Thursday, I’ll cover the Buchalpsee –  Waldspitz – Bort  portion of the hike (which was mainly downhill and the primary reason why my legs were super sore even up until yesterday – 4 days later).


xx   BHF

Grindelwald 001

Grindelwald 006

Grindelwald 012

Grindelwald 032

Grindelwald 053

Grindelwald 057

Grindelwald 063

Grindelwald 072

Grindelwald 078


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