A Day in Switzerland: Jungfrau Region (PART 3: Kleine Scheidegg)

kleine scheidegg


The sun returned on Tuesday this week after almost two weeks of rain. Yesterday I made my way back to Grindelwald and then up to Kleine Scheidegg.  From there, you can catch the train up to Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe (something I want to experience with Martin so it’s still on the to-do list). From Kleine Scheidegg I hiked down to Grund and then back up to Grindelwald, passing through Alpiglen and Brandegg.

Along the way I dodged caterpillars on the trail, found some adorable wild strawberries and came across some cows. The cows were definitely a highlight of this hike, despite the potent smells and flies. I’m going to do a separate post for them next week.

The hike took around three hours and was mostly downhill. My knees and thighs are cursing me this morning.

xx BHF

Kleine Scheidegg 003

Kleine Scheidegg 007

Kleine Scheidegg 012

Kleine Scheidegg 016

Kleine Scheidegg 019

Kleine Scheidegg 020

Kleine Scheidegg 022

Kleine Scheidegg 062

Kleine Scheidegg 065

Kleine Scheidegg 072

9 thoughts on “A Day in Switzerland: Jungfrau Region (PART 3: Kleine Scheidegg)

  1. Beautiful photos! When we visit southern Germany or Austria I just love the cows, I feel like such a tourist when I say that 😀 The mountains are wonderful whether in summer or winter but the cows are always a highlight for me somehow, I love hearing them walk along with there giant bells.

  2. The photos are phenomenal. Sid and I are planning a trip to Europe in 2015 and have definitely added Switzerland to our itinerary. I love hiking and you have found some of the most beautiful on earth.

    • Thank, Cecilia! Yes, you should come to Switzerland. I can’t be certain that we will still be here (hopefully), but it would be great to meet up! There are so many beautiful hikes here. xx

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  4. Great photos–I especially like how you have shown at the large scale mountain landscape or the small scale–caterpillar and wild strawberry–beauty is everywhere in the Jungfrau Region. You also explained about how your body had to work to access that beauty–you gave energy back to the region–great to read! Thanks for all!

Thank you for your feedback! xx BHF

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