Fit Friday: Update (week 6)

My thoughts this week on getting into shapeย are nicely summed up by this video:

I’ve worked really hard this week and I’ve seen ZERO improvements in my stats. I’m not even going to post them because nothing has changed from last week. NOTHING.

I am in pain. The lower half of my body is still achy and sore from my 3 hour hike on Wednesday. In addition to this, I’ve gone to the gym 4 times (Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday), where I burned a total of 2280 calories on the cross training machine and spent 1.5 hours doing weight training. On Tuesday, I took a “day off” and did a 60 minute yoga video. All this, for zero results. It’s super frustrating.

I realise that what is probably happening is that I am building more muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. Right? Dear Lord, let this be right! I do feel a little discouraged, but I have not lost my motivation. I’m going to continue going to the gym and hiking and doing yoga. But, damn girl, getting in shape was soooo much easier in my 20’s…

xx BHF

4 thoughts on “Fit Friday: Update (week 6)

    • Hi Jay! Thanks for stopping by! I track my weight and measure my chest, hips and thighs. I am trying not to make any drastic, unsustainable changes to see quick results and instead focus on being more active and hopefully see results long term…but I am still getting frustrated with the slow progress. Thank you for the encouragement! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Try your 60’s! I have found different ways to measure my success other than the scale. Being able to keep up with grandkids is a big measure of success for me. I also do measurements.

Thank you for your feedback! xx BHF

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