More cow bell!


You hear them before you see them. A low and constant “ting-ting” that gets louder the further you make your way down the trail. As you get closer to the source of the noise, you notice a distinctive and pungent smell in the air. Both the smell and bells increasing in potency as you continue on your path. And then you see them: the cows. With their big bells strapped on with thick, black leather collars. They are massive beasts with their horns, long, sharp and menacing. There is nothing separating you and them. Not a gate or even a flimsy fence, but that’s okay because they are gentle and calm and not nearly as excited to see you as you are to see them. They lazily graze on the impossibly green grass as you marvel in their beauty, thinking to yourself how quintessentially “Swiss” this experience is. And as they tolerate the constant “click-click” of your camera shutter, you begin to fall in love (just a little), despite the flies and pungent smell. Yes, despite that.

xx BHF

Kleine Scheidegg 026

Kleine Scheidegg 027

Kleine Scheidegg 029

Kleine Scheidegg 036

Kleine Scheidegg 039

Kleine Scheidegg 040

Kleine Scheidegg 046

Kleine Scheidegg 053

2 thoughts on “More cow bell!

  1. There’s something about cows that I love, and I can’t place my finger on quite what it is. Perhaps it’s their eyes? They always seem so tranquil…having written this I now realise I sound a little crazy…

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