I’m an introvert. Sorry.


My mom’s been asking why I’ve not been blogging.  I don’t really have a reason other than the fact that I’m an introvert and sometimes I need to completely disconnect every once in a while.

Last Monday I stared at the blank “new post” page and nothing came out. I usually plan out my posts a couple days in advance, but last week I had nothing. Not that nothing happened last week, but I didn’t feel like writing about it. On Tuesday, I felt pressure to post something, anything, but I still wasn’t inspired to write. I decided that instead of feeling badly about not writing, that I would give myself permission to take the week off. I mean, it’s my blog right?!

Being an introvert has its advantages especially if you move to a new country where you don’t speak the local language, don’t have a job and spend most of your days on your own. When I’ve told a few people that I’m an introvert, they’ve flat out not believed me. I think the issue is that people often misunderstand what being an introvert means. Being introverted does not necessarily mean that you are socially awkward, shy, quiet and afraid of being around lots of people. All things which I am not. I do enjoy social interaction, meeting new people and hanging out with friends, I just need to balance this with some time on my own so my body can recharge.

The best way that I’ve heard to distinguish between introverts and extroverts is that extroverts get energy from social interaction whereas social interaction drains an introvert of energy.

So, what are you? Introvert? Extrovert? Or both?

xx BHF

12 thoughts on “I’m an introvert. Sorry.

  1. I’m such an introvert! I think maybe all bloggers are. If we were extroverted we’d be too busy being social to write about anything. Sometimes just hanging out with a two year old is enough conversation for me for an entire week 🙂

    • Hi Sara, thanks for stopping by! I definitely agree with you! Reminded me of this quote from Felicia Day, “Surprisingly, I think if you’re known on the Internet, you’re probably an introvert.” 🙂

  2. I’ve broached this topic on my blog before. I get strange looks when I tell people I’m an introvert. You nailed it though — it’s all about how you “re-charge”. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’m an extrovert with strong introvert tendencies. I love being in social situations but definitely cherish my re-charging alone time.

  4. I am an introvert. That is what every test I have ever taken says. I agree and am most comfortable when I have quiet time. Glad you are back….missed your blog.

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