Freckle Face

freckle2I’ve always had freckles. On my face, my shoulders, my forearms and knees. They fade in the cooler months, when the sun doesn’t shine as much or as often, but as soon as spring hits and I spend a couple hours out in the sun they return. The first sign that summer is soon approaching.

I’ve never had an issue with them. I remember a couple times with previous boyfriends being amused at how shocked they were with the transformation. I guess I always started relationships in the winter, fall or early spring.

This morning ITV featured a news story about a clinic in Cardiff that is offering a new laser treatment to remove freckles. Remove freckles? Whaaaat? Seriously? Why is this a thing now? It makes me so sad and angry that this exists. That freckles are now being classified as undesirable and in need of treatment, like unwanted facial hair or acne. I know not everyone likes them, but come on?!

It takes me back to when I was on the beach in Thailand and a middle-aged Thai woman came up to me and told me in her broken English that she had some cream that would clear up my face. I was shocked, annoyed and amused at the same time. I tried to explain that this was my face. The face I was born with and I was pretty sure that her cream would not “fix” it.

I, for one, will not get this treatment done…not ever. My freckles are me. They were passed down to me from my dad and I wear them proudly on my face which I got from my mom.


What do you think? Is this clinic taking the concept of perfection a step too far? Or just giving people “afflicted” with freckles a way out?

xx BHF

6 thoughts on “Freckle Face

  1. Freckles give a person more character.. I love, love, love my kids freckles especially Landon’s with his red hair!!! Addison called them “sprinkles” once and I think that is perfect so at times I still refer to them as sprinkles.. I’d never be OK with having them removed.. Besides that would be quite the procedure which could leave scars all over your body as most people with freckles would need more than their face done!!!!

Thank you for your feedback! xx BHF

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