wengen 026Growing up we had a large red ant hill located in the boulevard behind our backyard. I was always fascinated by the small mound of twigs and leaves, alive with hundreds if not thousands of manic red ants.

I have to admit that I did, occasionally, play God with them and place large objects in the middle of their hill. It was amazing to see how quickly they sprang into action to attack the foreign intruder (usually a rock or large twig).

During my hike from Wengen to Kleine Scheidegg on Friday, I stumbled across an absolutely massive red ant colony. I was taking some macro photographs of lichen on a tree stump when out the corner of my eye I saw the swarm of ants.


I took a short video of the ant hill. Predictably, the ants gave me a little payback for my evil childhood ways…

xx BHF

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