A Scent for every Season


The world of perfumes and fragrances is relatively new to me. I bought my first designer bottle for my 27th birthday, “Princess” by Vera Wang. Before that, I used bottles handed down to me from friends and family, stole spritzes from my older sisters’ perfume bottles or used drugstore brand body sprays. Calgon’s “Hawaiian Ginger” body mist was my particular favourite back in 1999.

That first bottle of perfume by Vera Wang had me hooked. Except not in the traditional way. I don’t like to stick to just one fragrance. Once a bottle runs out, I generally do not buy another bottle of the same perfume, preferring to seek out a new and different scent. I know some people that have been wearing the same perfume for years and wouldn’t dream of changing it. For years my mom wore “Anais Anais” by Chacharel and then “Tresor” by Lancome. I will forever associate these perfumes with her even though she’s not worn either for years.

I find perfumes fascinating because they are so very subjective. 90% of the perfumes I smell while searching for a new scent I find offensive, 5% are tolerable and the remaining 5%, I love. I’ve slowly collected four scents that I absolutely adore and are perfect for different seasons throughout the year.

fallFALL / AUTUMN – “Si” by Giorgio Armani

I purchased this bottle from the duty free shop while waiting for our return flight a few days ago. I’ve only worn it once, but I love how elegant the scent is. It’s a perfect mix of floral and citrus with just a hint of musk which makes it ideal for fall.

WinterWINTER – “Magnolia & Mure” by L’Occitane en Provence

Martin bought me this for my birthday this year after I not so subtly told him that I wanted it. Actually, I was in the store with him at the time and said, “this, this is what I want”. It’s such a rich, intense scent. It is the most musky of all the scents, but this is cut nicely by the sweetness of the blackberries and magnolia.

SpringSPRING – “Gorgeous Gardenia” Flora by GUCCI

I’ve had this bottle for almost two years. I think it’s the most  versatile of all the scents, so I don’t wear it exclusively in spring. It’s very feminine and predominantly floral with just a hint of musk.

summer1SUMMER – “Glorious Mandarin” Flora by GUCCI

I wasn’t completely sold on this perfume the first time I tried it. I spritzed it on my wrist while waiting for a flight back in the spring. Throughout the flight the scent grew on me and I decided to buy a small bottle of it. It’s a very fruity, juicy scent with a nice mix of mandarin and peony.

I would love to know which perfumes you love. Do you mix it up with a few different bottles or stick to a signature scent?

xx BHF

5 thoughts on “A Scent for every Season

  1. i just love these perfumes my self,i have not tried mangolia and mure but the rest of them are my all time favorite,just try hugo boss red too,u will love it…take care

  2. I’m touched that you remember the names of the perfumes I used to wear, Bry, I loved wearing them but when it was ‘suggested’ we not wear scents as some children may be allergic to them I stopped. Your article has peaked my interest once more, and now that I’m retired, and I’m ‘free’ to do as I please I may just wear them again. Love you. xxx

Thank you for your feedback! xx BHF

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