Barcelona: Part 3 – Parc Guell

The morning of La Diada, Martin and I made our way up to Parc Guell. We had planned on doing some shopping, but as it was a holiday all of the shops were closed so we shuffled around our plans. Unfortunately, all of the other tourists decided to do this as well and here’s where I admit something that I am equal parts ashamed and proud of: I don’t queue if I don’t have to…especially when I’m on holiday.

I think this is due to the PTSD I suffered when I was stranded in Cuba by myself during the “ash cloud” drama of 2010. I had to queue for HOURS on my feet outside of and then inside a hot, crowded airport after my flight was cancelled the night before. By the time I reached the check-in counter, all of the liquid in my body had pooled in my ankles and feet. I then had to endure a nine hour flight back to London. A flight which did not contain any food because the food had gone bad over night while the plane sat grounded. A fact which was supposed to be conveyed to us at check-in so we could buy some food in the airport, but was sadly lost in translation. They did have wine though.

I didn’t think too much about the situation until two weeks later during a weekend trip to Paris.  As soon as I saw the queues to go up the Eiffel Tower, I stopped in my tracks, looked at Martin and said, “NO! I am not queuing!”. The same thing happened when we went to the Louvre. I just couldn’t do it. And so we didn’t. And we had an awesome time.

Obviously, in life, queues are inevitable. I haven’t been able to avoid them completely, but if they are optional, I tend to opt out. I am that person that waits until the last moment to board a plane, because what’s the rush? I have an assigned seat. Why stand in line for 30 minutes if you can sit and relax and make fun of look at the people queuing?

That being said, we did not queue to pay for tickets to enter certain parts of Parc Guell. It was hot, the queues were long, and from what I could see, the free areas had some great things to see as well.

If you ever find yourself in Barcelona, this is definitely an attraction you shouldn’t miss. Whether or not you decide to queue is up to you.

xx BHF

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