Hiking Chasseral: Part 1

This past Saturday, Martin and I caught a train out to Biel/Bienne where we met up with Martin’s co-worker,  Michael, our trusted guide for the day. We hadn’t done much research prior to the hike so we had no idea what to expect. It turned out to be a fantastic day, offering us an array of terrain, weather conditions and jaw dropping views.

The hike, including breaks, took seven and a half hours (my legs are still sore). I took 180 photos, so I’ve decided to post them throughout the week.

This first set of photos is from the beginning of our hike. We took a bus from Biel/Bienne up to Les Prés-d’Orvin and hiked to the summit of Mont Sujet. Throughout the morning, fog and mist crept in through the trees, giving an eerie effect to the scenery.

xx BHF

Hike 04October 005

Hike 04October 007

Hike 04October 015

Hike 04October 022

Hike 04October 024

Hike 04October 028

Hike 04October 030

Hike 04October 032

Hike 04October 045

Hike 04October 051

Hike 04October 050