A Day in Switzerland: Gruyères in B&W

As I mentioned in my previous post, two weeks ago a couple visitors arrived in Switzerland; Alicia, a friend from my previous job back in London and her friend, Caitlyn, who had flown in from New York. I met up with them in Geneva in the early evening and we headed into the old city in search of food and drinks. We ended up at La Clémence – a trendy bar/café in the heart of Geneva’s old town, after very coolly and calmly crashing an art gallery opening where lifelike paintings of equally lifelike baby dolls were on display (we all agreed they were extremely creepy).

We then stumbled across a Brooklyn Brewery pub where we met some nice, local expats, witnessed the aftermath of a “glassing” (“à la police!”) and closed the bar. At this point we should have called it a night and headed back to our hostel, but someone mentioned the magic word “karaoke” and we were quickly packed into a taxi and singing and dancing until the “wee hours” of the morning.  I don’t know what it is about karaoke, but almost all of my late nights out involve it.

Our plan was to get up early the next morning to catch an early train to Gruyères, but we were all feeling fairly delicate when the first set of alarms went off the next morning. We were troopers, though, and made it to the medieval cheese town around noon. We arrived to a misty, charming village and despite our hangovers and general exhaustion, explored the castle and surrounding shops, ending with a big pot of cheese fondue (a very good way to sooth aching heads and tired bodies).

Due to the grey, foggy weather, my photos turned out a bit dull, so I decided to go with it and turn them into black and white images. I have Gruyères on my list of places to visit again in the spring or summer as it has some amazing scenery, which we were unfortunately unable to witness this time.

xx BHF

gruyere 001

gruyere 003

gruyere 005

gruyere 008

gruyere 010

gruyere 011

gruyere 015

gruyere 016

gruyere 017

gruyere 018

gruyere 019

gruyere 021

gruyere 022

gruyere 023

4 thoughts on “A Day in Switzerland: Gruyères in B&W

  1. Brian, I feel like a Celebrity. I was saying the same thing about the scenery – we missed out on some potentially wonderful views – but what we got was something almost as good in a completely different way, very Gothic, very Tim Burton.

    Let me know when your next going to Gruyères and I’ll come with xxx

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