hairstoriesIt’s been seven months since my last haircut. Unlike many women I know, getting my haircut has always been something I’ve put off doing until I absolutely can’t bear the breakage all over my house and  the 30 minutes of rigorous detangling after every shower. I’ve always been jealous of my friends and colleagues who would get excited about an upcoming hair appointment because I’ve always dreaded mine.

The old adage that your hair always looks the best right after a trip to the salon has NEVER applied to me. You see, I have special hair that only I can style without looking like a complete wreck. It’s wavy and fine, but I have SO MUCH OF IT.

I remember one of my stylists spending hours trying to get the frizz out of my hair. She blew it dry and then put it in Velcro rollers and I had to sit under one of those stand up driers for what seemed like forever. I still ended up leaving the salon with it pulled back into a tight bun.

Before I moved to Switzerland, I started getting my haircut at a salon just a few yards from my home. It was cheap and cheerful and I could just have them take the damp off with a blow drier before scampering quickly home and finishing the job myself.

It’s not just the issue of “styling my hair” though, I also loath having to sit in front of a large mirror and look at myself under the hideously unflattering lights. Sometimes, to avoid this, I’ll wear glasses instead of contacts to my appointment and take them off during the cut and be happily blind (a genius solution I think).

BUT! The worst thing about getting my haircut is all of the unsolicited comments I get from various stylists that are super duper annoying and just downright rude sometimes. Here’s a quick collection of the greatest hits:

  • many different variations of, “your hair is very damaged.”


  • “I can’t believe how healthy your damaged hair looks when YOU style it”
  • after completing my highlights and cut, “I was going to refuse to put in the highlights because your hair is so damaged and brittle, but it actually turned out okay.”
  • always after washing my hair, “oh, your hair is actually curly. Do you ever wear it naturally? You should wear it curly.”
  • “You should really try to cut down on straightening your hair.”

And my favourite of all times…

  • after asking which way I part my hair: “good, that will help balance out your crooked nose.”

I’m heading to London in a month and I have an appointment booked. I would do it here, but it’s my hair and I don’t want anything to get “lost in translation”, I have too many issues with getting my hair cut already.

I’ve been hemming and hawing between getting a trim or going a bit more extreme and getting 8+ inches cut off for a completely new look. Hmm…decisions, decisions.

What about you, do you love or loath getting your haircut?

xx BHF




Crocheting – not just for grannies!


Last Autumn I felt compelled to learn a new craft. I’d tried knitting a few times in my life, but just never stuck with it long enough to complete anything other than a small tea towel (a craft my mom suggested when I moved back home during summer break in University).  IMG_1896

Back then we also didn’t have YouTube. You can learn how to do anything on YouTube these days (I just learned how to “oil pull” this morning – stay tuned!). So I decided to try crocheting instead – one less stick to worry about.

Since I started learning this craft in November I’ve made 3 scarves, 2 blankets, 1 hat toque, 1 headband and 4 amigurumi mice.

IMG_1929Once you get the basics down, it’s fairly simple to learn new stitches. My favourite has been the simple single stitch. I also love my trips to the craft store to pick out yarn for a new project. I recently ventured down to their lower level and it’s a craft junkie’s heaven down there (plus, it’s super clean and organised because Switzerland). It took some serious willpower to stop myself from buying all of the things. But I will be back…I’m talking to you, magical bead counter.

IMG_2012If you’ve got some spare time to fill and like to create things for yourself and loved ones I definitely recommend taking up crocheting. But I warn you, it is very addictive and you will become that woman…the one crocheting on public transit.

xx BHF

Helpful YouTube links to get you started:

Single Stitch

Amigurumi Mouse

Magic Circle