Not so bored.


I figured since I’ve paid for the boredhausfrau domain for another year, I should probably start writing on it again. So far 2015 has been exciting and fun and (I hate the word busy) active. My sister and her husband welcomed a baby boy (my adorable nephew) one month earlier than expected at the beginning of February. I made two trips to London in two weeks to help out my sister and her family (one of which was booked the day before flying), and during this first trip I contracted the death virus from my niece, which almost killed me…but I’m fine now. You only need one lung right?

I added three new dogs to my weekly schedule and I chopped off over 10 inches of my hair. We also went on four skiing holidays and we  I finally decided it was time to move to a bigger apartment; a 4.5 Zimmer, penthouse apartment with 270 degree views (90 of which, from the master bedroom, include the Alps). But screw the views…IT HAS A BLOODY DISHWASHER! I don’t feel any shame bragging about this because for over a year now my husband and I have lived in a studio apartment and we did not get a divorce. I feel like we do deserve a medal. We don’t officially take over the new apartment until mid-May, so I guess we should wait for the medal ceremony until then. Okay, fine, a medal is taking it a bit far. Cake. We deserve a freaking CAKE!

I also got a new fancy camera for Christmas and two fancy lenses for my birthday, both from my husband. So now I can take fancy photos of dogs.

If you don’t enjoy dog photos, you should probably stop following this blog now.

xx BHF








3 thoughts on “Not so bored.

  1. Yay, you’re back!!! I’ve been waiting… And yes a cake and a medal is deserving!!! Your dog photos are amazing.. But if I recall you’ve always been a dog lover?

  2. I’ll give you a medal and a cake…I think I’d kill John in a studio apt. Although, our house is tiny (like teeny tiny) and we jammed 3 kids and a dog in there–so, I’m declaring that we BOTH get cakes and medals. Thanks for the idea!

Thank you for your feedback! xx BHF

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