ZSL London Zoo


ZSL London Zoo is located in the middle of Central London, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets, nestled in the green grounds of Regent’s Park. In my five years living in London, I’d never visited the London Zoo. That changed last week when my family and I decided to spend a sunny, lovely day at the Zoo.

We saw some absolutely amazing animals (like the Okapi in the last picture below) and were able to get super close to the Lemurs at the “In with Lemurs” enclosure. We were there with my almost three year old niece and like a typical three year old, she was more interested in playing on a toy London bus than visiting the animal exhibits. Oh well…us “big kids” really enjoyed it!

xx BHF

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Easter in London


Martin and I travelled over to London to spend the Easter holiday there. We lucked out with some awesome spring weather and had a great time visiting family, shopping for hours and visiting pubs at every opportunity. We definitely miss this busy, beautiful city, but it’s nice to be able to return often, especially when then sun is shining.

xx BHF

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