The current state of things

Ugh, you guys. We are in the midst of moving to a new apartment and my enthusiasm is waning. I have half a blog post constructed in my head about the moving process in Switzerland (because it’s f*cked complicated), but that will have to wait until the move is finally over (this upcoming Sunday).

Because we are thrifty cheap, eco-conscious cheap and unconventional cheap, we’ve decided to forego the traditional pack everything into boxes, rent a van and move in one day moving process and have instead moved the entire contents of our apartment (minus the big furniture as it came furnished) one (ONE!!!) bloody suitcase at a time. Using public transport. Since we had two weeks overlapping from when we took possession of the new apartment and when we needed to vacate our old one, we thought it would be a great idea to do it this way. I say “we”, but it’s mainly been me. Before and after walking the dogs, I’ve made trips back and forth to the new apartment. In total I’ve made over 16 return journeys. I’ve been scolded by bus drivers in bloody German and received bemused looks from old ladies that have seen me make this journey 3,4,5 times in a day (I am sure that moving apartments this way is totally “verboten” but I could care less at this point). I am so totally over it. Every time I return to our new, big, clean apartment I don’t want to leave. Because this:


The good news is that it is almost over.  Well, “over” in that most of our things have been shifted, but now the real hard work begins; cleaning time! And the Swiss don’t mess around with this part of moving (again, this will be detailed in a later post).

I am hoping that my new surroundings will motivate me to write here more because I have posts in my head all of the time (and they must come out!), plus I have a trip to Rome to talk about because it was so awesome. But I can’t think of Rome right now as there are windows to clean, floors to shine and taps to descale.

See you on the other side!

xx BHF