A Tale of Two Spiders

I may get my looks, knack for cooking and cleaning genes from my momma, but my love and fascination of nature – from the little things to the big, furry to the slimy – I definitely got from my dad. So in honour of Father’s Day yesterday, I thought I’d share this story.

Just like my dad, I also have an aversion/fear of spiders. I don’t mind them if they aren’t in my home or on my body or, ew, in my hair; if there is a safe distance between me and the eight legged freaks of nature arachnids, I actually find them quite interesting.

I was aware since moving into our new place that a spider had set up camp outside our kitchen window. It had built a large web in the right hand corner of the window and spent most of his time tucked up into an open air duct with just one little, hairy spidery leg poised on a trigger line. I rarely saw him, and since he was outside, I decided to just let him be and never open the kitchen window ever again. From now on, I will refer to him as Ulrich.


Last night after Martin and I returned from a walk in the woods nearby (we are turning into such good little Swiss people), I noticed that Ulrich was outside of his usual hidey-hole. On closer inspection I noticed a much smaller spider (let’s call him Sven) busily setting up his own tiny web using a couple of the radial lines from the Ulrich’s web as his anchor threads. As Sven busily worked away, Ulrich was getting more and more pissed off because Sven was triggering his web. At first he sat half way out of his hole and just used his front legs to giggle his web a little. This would frighten Sven and he would momentarily stop.


After a few minutes though Sven would start up again and when Ulrich’s little shaking didn’t work, he ran out of his hole near the centre of his web and jumped up and down quite rigorously, while still being attached to the web. Of course, Sven would stop his work…but only for a few minutes.


This little routine went on a few times until Sven completed his web. I will let both of them remain for the time being, just as long as Ulrich doesn’t turn out to be a Birgitta with all of her babies.


I had to giggle though because even Swiss spiders get pissed off when their neighbours try to work on a Sunday.

xx BHF

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